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05 Apr 2023

An Introduction to Social Media Marketing: A Retailer's Guide - The eBook

Good news retailers, we recently produced an eBook alongside Paid Marketing Experts, Ortus to outline the key elements of a strategy for retailers to maximise their online presence and reach more customers through Social Media.

This partnership uses a combination of expertise in eCommerce-specific Organic and Paid Social Media to highlight the overall importance it plays in a wider brand marketing strategy. Here's what we cover:

⚪ A comprehensive overview of Organic and Paid Social Media Marketing

⚪ A breakdown of the most popular Social Media platforms and their uses, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok

⚪ A detailed discussion of the most common pitfalls of Social Media Marketing and how to avoid them

⚪And, top tips for building a successful Social Media Marketing strategy

If you're keen to connect with your customers and increase sales, you can download the eBook and start optimising your Social Media Strategy here.

Written by

Autumn White


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