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24 Mar 2021

Building better ecommerce: Fuelled by Aero

Why Techquity & Aero are a match made in commerce heaven.

There’s something strikingly rewarding about a partnership that just works, and when it comes to ecommerce we’re confident that Techquity and Aero are a powerful duo. 

At Techquity, we’re focused on building websites for online retailers that are better than the rest, and our founders have over two decades worth of experience in doing just that. Forward thinking ecommerce builds are our bread and butter, and we work to deliver unique online experiences for retailers of all sizes and sectors.

Combine that with the ever evolving Aero, a revolutionary ecommerce platform built to be faster, more flexible, accessible and scalable, with reduced infrastructure costs, and we’re onto something pretty incredible.

What makes us different

We believe in bespoke, which means we aren’t confined to templates and wireframes that restrict our creativity, and Aero’s flexibility allows us to build to our heart’s content. It’s rare that an off the shelf product can truly fulfill the brief and we understand the importance of your site being as unique as your business and everything you stand for. 

In our opinion a one size fits all approach that’s adopted by countless other ecommerce agencies on the market, doesn’t provide you with a good enough foundation for online success with longevity. Instead, we immerse ourselves in the brands we work with and build entirely bespoke based on a client’s individual needs.

Platform migrations

We don’t just simply build websites, we’re experts in seamless platform migrations too. Whether your current ecommerce store is powered by Magento, Shopify or Visualsoft, our team is expertly skilled in making your move to the Aero Commerce platform as pain free and effortless as possible. Your own team can sit easy in the comfort of your site and all its data being left in safe hands during the migration process. 

Why Aero

There’s a lot of big label, well established ecommerce platforms out there to choose from, and you’re probably questioning ‘why Aero?’. Aero is our platform partner of choice, and for good reason too. We’ll delve into the technical nitty gritty just now, but first and foremost, Aero believes that no ecommerce platform should ever stand in the way of creativity, and that goes hand in hand with our belief that bespoke is always best. The functionality of the platform is made specifically for retail, with a wide range of built-in features that have been specifically chosen with the retailer and their customer in mind. This provides our team with the best possible foundation to build standout online experiences, that not only look the part, but really perform too!

Aero’s fast. Lightning fast. The platform has been built on the PHP framework, Laravel, and was designed to give retailers everything they need without the back end clutter that causes delays in page load speed. It uses a modern technology stack incorporating Composer, Node.js, Nginx/Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and Elasticsearch, meaning Aero’s building blocks are geared towards making sites deliver results as fast as lightning. 

Cost also plays a huge part in a decision to replatform to Aero. Their reduced service infrastructure costs are significantly lower than that of other big label platforms, so much so that on average retailers on board are seeing a tenfold decrease in costs! 

Results that do the talking

Our team has been building high performing, uber cool ecommerce sites using the Aero platform since its inception, meaning when it comes to finding the most experienced agency to build your Aero store, we’re your guys (and gals).

Our clients have seen pretty incredible results since their Techquity builds fuelled by the Aero platform, with improvements across revenue, page load speed, transactions and conversion rate…


We migrated Psyche over from the Visualsoft platform and they’ve seen:

-58% page load time

+53% revenue

+113% conversion rate

Check out the full case study here.


We migrated Moshulu over from Magento and they’ve seen:

-56% page load time

+332% revenue

+50% conversion rate

Check out the full case study here.

If you’re interested in having your own Techquity built site hosted on the Aero Commerce platform get in touch with our friendly team using the form here.

Written by

Rebecca Lawson


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