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08 Feb 2023

Introducing, our Organic Growth Service

It's been well over a year since we introduced our SEO Service to Aero retailers (time flies when you're having fun, eh?) and we've delivered some pretty incredible results in that time, with Case Studies coming soon! As we grow our marketing team and adapt to accommodate the needs of online retailers, our service has evolved somewhat from being solely SEO and we're excited to offer:

  • - 🔎 SEO 
  • - 👥 Organic Social 
  • - ✉️ Email Marketing 
  • - 📱 SMS Marketing (Coming Soon!)

This is what we're calling our Organic Growth Service. With the aim to drive additional traffic and revenue from non-paid sources, Organic Growth allows clients to run integrated campaigns across multiple channels using one budget which we have full control over, sharing data from each in order to improve engagement, reach and ROI.

What is Organic Growth?

So what exactly do we mean when we say organic growth? Organic Growth basically refers to anything outside of paid ads and strategies. Instead, our services focuses on investing our time on clear, actionable strategies for gaining more organic traffic by creating value for your audience.

Better Together

Gone are the days of single-channel marketing to achieve your goals, at Techquity we believe in an integrated marketing approach. A method where businesses promote their products and services across all channels, devices and platforms using unified messaging, cohesive visuals, and consistent collateral.

Integrated marketing lets businesses deliver a cohesive narrative about their brand and achieve greater impact with their campaigns. With more channels available than ever to influence buyers, it’s critical to maximise the impact these outlets have as much as possible. - Adobe

An approach that isn't widely adopted by other marketing agencies, our Organic Growth Service provides a seamless user experience across all platforms, ensuring you reach your customers where they spend their time - whether that be Google, social media, email or their mobile phones.

A deep dive into our Service

  • - 🔎 SEO

Whether you need support during the migration process to the Aero platform or you've just launched your online store and you're ready to put it through its paces, we're here every step of the way to help you sell like never before.

Our SEO Service helps you get your products in front of potential customers and, by combining traditional SEO with UX optimisation and feature recommendations, convert more visitors into customers - enabling your eCommerce store to flourish.

  • - 👥 Organic Social 

With an ever-changing algorithm, new trends and updates each week, it can be difficult to keep up to date with all things social. But, that’s where our Organic Social Media comes into force. Experts across all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, organic social is the best way to nurture a connection with your customers at scale.

Read more about how critical social media is for a retailer's success on our latest blog post.

  • - ✉️ Email Marketing

With the ability to integrate popular email marketing apps such as Klaviyo and Mailchimp with your Aero store, our Email Marketing is a powerful channel for retailers. From setting up automated abandoned basket emails and product review reminders to introducing new products and sale events, it’s proven to be a highly effective channel, not to mention the ultimate relationship and brand-building tool.

  • - 📱 SMS Marketing (Coming Soon!
  • SMS is one of the most immediate channels available; with a 98% open-rate SMS Marketing is 5 times more effective than traditional email marketing. Working seamlessly with other channels, our SMS Marketing aims to increase customer engagement and more revenue.

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Want to discuss how we can help you grow your organic traffic? We're currently taking on new clients for our Organic Growth Service so would love to hear from you!

We don't bite. Send us an email and ask us any questions you have about our service and what improvements you can make to maximise your digital marketing activity by emailing >>

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