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23 Mar 2021

Riding the digital boom: Wave

It's been one whole year since the word ‘lockdown’ plagued the UK and the rest of the globe, and we can barely believe it. At a time where the world was given a break we didn’t actually know we needed, we swapped restaurants for take outs, social gatherings for zoom calls and pubs and gyms for our gardens. The extra time spent in our homes and gardens saw a phenomenal 646% increase in hot tub purchases reported by Love the sales, and one business that really rode that ‘digital boom’ was our newly onboarded client, Wave Direct.

Launched in 2019, Wave Direct is an online venture for Dan Luper and Tom Jeffrey selling products ranging from inflatable hot tubs to sport and leisure equipment. In 2020 alone the business hit £13m in online sales, and has recently expanded into the US market with a brand new ecommerce site, built by our talented team using the Aero Commerce platform. We caught up with Tom to learn a little more about their success story...

How did Wave start?

Wave began in 2017 as a sideline business between Dan and I. We wanted to launch a competitive product that would look great with our designs and branding. Inflatable hot tubs were just the perfect fit! Mostly, we wanted to create a brand that would make our customers smile. Over the past year, with the pandemic and people being confined to their homes, there’s been a need for this more than ever!

How did your business strategy change as a result of the pandemic?

As the sales of our spas skyrocketed, we had to make quite a few adjustments to keep up with demand. We have scaled up the size of our team significantly, generating over 25 new jobs in the North East area. More recently, we’ve invested in new solutions for our customer services team with improved tools to manage emails / work closely with 3pl logistic providers. 

How has the pandemic /UK lockdown affected business performance?

The lockdown certainly kick started our business. We came from humble, local beginnings and have since achieved sales of £13m in 2020 alone, a 2700% increase over our original goal! Our plans for 2021 are much bigger as we expand to international markets. We’re aiming to launch over 10 sites with Tequity on the Aero platform in the next 3 months. 

Why did you decide to expand into the US?

Similarly to the UK, the USA has high demand for inflatable hot tubs. We saw lots of people getting excited about our spas and decided we could really compete and establish ourselves within the US market. Expanding to the US has also been easier than entering the EU due to Brexit. Now that brexit has happened, we are planning to launch in the EU mid May, all of which is very exciting! 

Why did you choose Techquity & Aero?

We wanted a solution that was fast, and a website that could be designed so it truly represented our brand. With the support of Aero and Techquity we were able to achieve this. Our sites are smart, offer the latest functionality and next-generation technology to help our customers make solid informed decisions about the purchases of our spas. We even have a new augmented reality feature that lets users view a Wave spa in their own home! 

What’s next for Wave?

We have lots of plans for Wave in 2021, including new sustainable spas and a range of exciting products! We’re even launching a PaddleBoard Brand in the next few months and a Scooter/ Ebike Brand in the next 6 months.

If you’re looking to up your outdoor living game ahead of a summer of freedom, check out Wave’s impressive range of inflatable hot tubs and leisure equipment here >>

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