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17 Nov 2021

TQT x Ortus: Helping you find the right partner.

At Techquity we want to find the right partners to help our clients grow their online revenue and presence, it’s important that our clients trust us. We have years of experience within the ecommerce industry, and we have learned what agencies share our philosophy of being honest and transparent. In short, we know who does a good job. So we thought we would share this with you... 

 What to look out for when speaking to marketing agencies: 

  • Too often agencies’ first discussion with a retailer is price, and price is often the discussion absent of any value. An agency should demonstrate the value they can bring to your business first.
  • Don’t ever listen to anyone who promises a particular ROI (Return on Investment), the truth is they cannot predict this. 
  • Set targets to work towards, together as a partnership with your chosen agency. Don't let the agency lead on this, you know your product margins better than anyone.
  • Don’t be hampered by budgets, budgets should always be fluid to react to what is happening in your industry. The ROAS metric (Return on Ad Spend) is what should be more important when discussing budgets.
  • Are the agencies you're talking to/working with, discussing growth plans and strategy? Are they showing that they are thinking about your bigger picture? If they're not, why not?

How do you feel about your current paid search agency and campaign performance?

If any of the above sounds familiar, it might be time to review your agency partners. Switching can feel complicated, but if you’re having reservations about your current agency, don’t let that stop you from finding out what another agency could do to drive better results for your brand. 

Trusted agency partner

Ortus are a boutique biddable agency specialising in performance growth through paid search, social & display for eCommerce. They’re experts across all of the major paid platforms and work with the world’s best partners, so are fully equipped to ensure you get the most out of your campaigns!

Check our their recent results here >>

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