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15 Mar 2023

Washing Away The Competition With Aquaroc

You might have heard but in December 2022 our [small] Marketing Team were shortlisted for ‘Best SEO Campaign’ at the Northern Digital Awards 2023. We've come a long way since we introduced our SEO Service for Aero retailers just over a year ago and - spoiler alert - although we didn't take home the trophy, are super proud of this recognition and thought it was about time we shared one of the 'Best SEO Campaigns' of 2023 with you.

What are the Northern Digital Awards

The Northern Digital Awards recognise the very best in digital marketing campaigns and talent in the region and reward websites across a number of sectors to reflect the online world that public, private and third-sector organisations now inhabit, trade and communicate in. 

On the 26th of January, our Marketing Team took to Leeds to celebrate their work on a current client of ours, Aquaroc at a glitzy ceremony at The Royal Armouries. And, although we didn't take home the trophy, we couldn't be happier with what we have achieved for our clients, and neither could they.

"I have seen a significant increase in website traffic and conversions since working with the SEO team at Techquity. Their exceptional expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering outstanding results have made them an invaluable partner in achieving my business objectives. I highly recommend their SEO Service to anyone who is looking to improve their website's visibility."
– Mark Tones, Founder & CEO at Aquaroc

So, without further ado, read on for an exclusive insight into the campaign that got us shortlisted for ‘Best SEO Campaign’ at the Northern Digital Awards 2023.

Best SEO Campaign - Washing Away The Competition

The Client

Aquaroc is a proud British brand with a global presence that specialises in designing and creating exquisite high-end bathrooms with their own bespoke solid surface stone resin material.

The Challenges

Aquaroc only launched as an eCommerce store in February 2021 (on a brand-new domain with no history), so had a lot of work to do to catch up with its competitors given their product offering was so similar. 

Given the domain had no authority, we initially targeted long-tail keywords and low-search-volume terms that had lower competition. This allowed us to rank above competitors for specific terms and gain some share in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

The Objective

The objective of the campaign was simple: reduce the over-reliance on paid channels by improving Aquaroc’s visibility within the SERP to drive more revenue through Organic.

We agreed on an initial target to double organic revenue share from 10% to 20%; this was later revised to 30% following initial success over the first 3 months. As a more quantifiable target, we were tasked with increasing monthly organic conversions from 15 to 45.

The Results

  • ⚪️ Organic revenue share increased from 10% to 35%
  • ⚪️ Revenue increased from £8.6k to £43k 
  • ⚪️ Transactions increased from 15 to 57 
  • ⚪️ Conversion rate increased from 1% to 2.14%
  • ⚪️ AOV increased from £575 to £756

Gained the #1 spot on Google for:

  • ⚪️ Stone baths
  • ⚪️ Stone bath
  • ⚪️ Stone resin bath
  • ⚪️ Stone basins

We won a number of featured snippets with our FAQ content:

We hit every one of the clients' targets ahead of schedule, leading us to win the next stage of the SEO project.

(Figures based on organic-only data from 1-31st October 2022, comparing YoY)

The campaign was a little different to most of our SEO projects; it represented a new domain that required work from the ground up to gain traction, especially to get noticed among an army of loyal followers that their competition had built. 

We’ve shown that new domains can dominate the SERP and it’s possible to overtake competitors for key terms. 

We didn’t implement changes to satisfy search engines. The foundation of our strategy was built around a user-first approach; to better serve users’ search intent.

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