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17 Jul 2023

Harnessing The Power of Emojis for World Emoji Day

The rise of emojis in digital communications has been nothing short of remarkable. With 92% of all internet users now incorporating emojis into their online conversations, it is evident that these expressive symbols have become an integral part of our everyday communications.

What is an Emoji?

An emoji is a small digital icon or pictograph used to express emotions, ideas, or concepts in electronic communications, such as text messages, social media posts, and emails. Emojis can depict various facial expressions, objects, animals, activities, and more.

Where did Emojis come from?

Emojis were first introduced in the late 1990s when Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita, designed a collection of 176 simple 12x12-pixel icons to be used on the "i-mode" platform for Japan's main mobile carrier, DoCoMo. His intention was to design an interface for users to convey information in a simple, succinct way covering themes like weather, modes of transport, and of course, emotions.

The word "emoji" combines two Japanese words: "e" (meaning "picture") and "moji" (meaning "character"). 

But, it wasn't until the 2010s that emojis reached global popularity when Apple launched iOS 5, and introduced the emoji keyboard as one of the new features. And by 2015, emojis had taken on a life of their own, so much so that Oxford Dictionaries named the Face with Tears of Joy emoji (😂) the Word of the Year.

Why Emoji marketing should be part of your marketing strategy?

In today's fast-paced and digital-driven world, effective communication and engagement are paramount for any successful marketing campaign. Amidst this landscape, emojis have emerged as a powerful tool that can enhance marketing efforts and create a deeper connection with the target audience.

Here are just some of the advantages of using emojis:

⚪️ Enhanced Visual Appeal: Adding a splash of colour and personality to your marketing materials, emojis catch the viewer's attention, increase scroll-stopping power, and encourage interaction. With the ability to break up text-heavy content and create visual interest, emojis are a great way to make your messages stand out in crowded digital spaces.

⚪️ Improved Communication Efficiency: Just like Shigetaka Kurita intended, emojis have the power to convey complex ideas or sentiments simply and concisely. This brevity is particularly valuable for capturing the attention of busy consumers and delivering your messages and add context to your content.

⚪️ Improved Emotional Connection: To anyone who thought the "emo" part of "emoji" stood for "emotional," technically you're not wrong. Although it's entirely coincidental that the "emo" part sounds similar to emotional, emojis are, in fact, a visual representation of emotions, and they can help you establish a stronger emotional connection with your audience. Through incorporating emojis into your marketing messages, you can convey feelings, tone, and personality more effectively, making your content more relatable and engaging.

⚪️ International Appeal: Emojis provide a means of communication that goes beyond words; they break down language barriers and are universally understood making them particularly valuable in global marketing campaigns. Emojis allow you to connect with a diverse audience, regardless of their language or cultural background, enabling effective cross-cultural communication.

⚪️ Memorable Branding: Using specific emojis can create a memorable brand association. Associating a particular emoji with your brand can help you establish a unique identity and make your content instantly recognisable. It also adds a touch of playfulness and creativity to your communication, making your brand more approachable and in touch with current trends.

⚪️ Increased Engagement: Research shows that social media posts, emails and other marketing communications tend to receive higher engagement rates than those that do not. Using emojis strategically can encourage users to react, comment, and share your content, expanding your reach and increasing brand visibility. Don't just take our word for it though...

The stats don't lie...

🤩 85% increase in push notification open rates when an emoji was used.

🤩 57% of Facebook posts have a higher like rate, a 33% higher comment rate, and a 33% higher share rate.

🤩 56% increase in email open rate when emoji was used in the subject.

🤩 47.7% of Instagram posts with emojis get more interactions than those without.

🤩 25.4% of Tweets with emojis get better engagement.

Success Stories

The following campaigns showcase just how powerful emojis can be when it comes to forging connections, amplifying brand messages, and leaving a lasting impression on consumers in the digital age.

20th Century Fox: So Stupid, It's Genius

Facing a difficult task in marketing the irreverent, foul-mouthed anti-hero, Deadpool, 20th Century Fox released an emoji-tied billboard to spell out the movie's title, making for one of the more entertaining movie campaigns in a while.

WWF Turns Tweets To Donations

In 2015, WWF came out with 17 custom-made emojis of endangered animals for their #EndangeredEmoji campaign. The campaign spoke to people with a simple and relatable problem and raised awareness, and donations as well.

Find out more about their campaign here.

Emoji Etiquette

It's important to note that while using emojis can enhance marketing and communication efforts, their usage should align with a brand's tone, target audience, and overall communication.

1️⃣ Use emojis that match your brand's voice and maintain consistency.

2️⃣ Make them relevant, and don't force it.

3️⃣ Use them clearly, and don't leave room for misinterpretation.

4️⃣ Not every caption needs one; only add them if they add value to your content.

5️⃣ Put them at the end of your caption.

6️⃣ Check your emoji description for text-to-speech readers.

Incorporating emoji marketing into your strategy can lead to increased engagement, improved brand perception, and better communication with your audience. It allows you to connect with customers on an emotional level, enhance your brand's visual appeal, and stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

So, is it time to embrace the power of emojis and unlock the potential they hold for your marketing efforts? We're currently taking on new clients for our Organic Growth Service so would love to hear from you! >>

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