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Electric Tobacconist, a 21st century tobacconist, had already experienced a remarkable surge in revenue and customer engagement following their migration to Aero Commerce. With BFCM on the horizon, we delve into the strategies, outcomes, and key takeaways from last year's BFCM success, shedding a light on how we navigated the peak shopping event to achieve exceptional results.

Electric Tobacconist had been operating on the Visualsoft platform for several years, facing limitations in terms of performance, scalability, and user experience before migrating to Aero Commerce in September 2022. The decision to migrate was driven by the need to provide a superior online shopping experience, boost conversion rates, and accommodate the growing demands of their customer base.

Weekend Long Success
eCommerce Built Better
    Aero Commerce redefines the eCommerce landscape, offering a superior foundation for retailers to thrive. Its cutting-edge technology and user-centric approach empowered Electric Tobacconist to deliver seamless, personalised shopping experiences to their customers. With a robust suite of tools and features, the platform’s versatility allowed Electric Tobacconist to tailor their offerings, whether it be showcasing an array of products, providing detailed product information, or ensuring a smooth and secure checkout process. Aero Commerce’s intuitive user interface made navigation a breeze, ensuring that customers could easily find products they desired, while its responsive design made shopping across various devices and screen sizes a seamless experience.

    Migration Magic
      The journey to a better eCommerce was marked not only by a platform migration but also by a seamless SEO migration. The careful planning and execution of their SEO strategy ensured that their hard-earned search engine rankings and organic traffic remained intact during the transition to Aero Commerce. From meticulously mapping out and redirecting old URLs to their corresponding new pages, optimising site structures, and maintaining their focus on key SEO elements, Electric Tobacconist managed to smoothly transition their SEO efforts without missing a beat. In the process, we helped reduce the number of low-value URLs generated by the previous platform and crawled by search engines, leading to more efficient crawling and more relevant pages being indexed by Google

      Second Chance Savings
        The introduction of a "Missed Offers" section served as a dynamic tool for customer retention, keeping users engaged and driving conversions. The addition of this feature allowed Electric Tobacconist to capitalise on missed opportunities, rekindling interest in previous promotions and products that customers might have missed when shopping. Just one example of how Electric Tobacconists strive to improve and cater to their customers’ needs in the ever-evolving - and competitive - eCommerce landscape. 

        Key Takeaways
        • ⚪️ Platform Matters: The success of Electric Tobacconist's BFCM and weekend-long sales was directly correlated with the platform they chose. Aero Commerce's robust and adaptable eCommerce features significantly contributed to this achievement.
        • ⚪️ Enhanced User Experience: The migration to Aero Commerce allowed Electric Tobacconist to offer customers an improved and more intuitive shopping experience, resulting in higher conversion rates.
        • ⚪️ Scalability: Aero Commerce proved its worth in managing a surge in website traffic and transactions during the BFCM rush, demonstrating its scalability and reliability.
        • ⚪️ Financial Growth: The remarkable 30% increase in revenue compared to the previous year's performance showcased the substantial financial benefits of investing in a modern eCommerce platform.

        Electric Tobacconist’s journey from Visualsoft to Aero Commerce has been nothing short of transformative. Their remarkable success during BFCM and throughout the year following the migration serves as an inspiration and a reminder that the right platform, combined with strategic planning and a commitment to excellence, can propel any eCommerce business to new heights.

        +24% average conversion rate

        +30% increase in revenue

        Black Friday 2021 vs Black Friday 2022

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