UKToolbox is a leading online retailer specialising in Tools & Fixings. Trusted by trade, UKTB has over 50,000 products from over 270 brands establishing themselves as a reliable and go-to destination for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. joined forces with us to build a new eCommerce store after feeling constrained and restricted by their previous platform. Through collaboration, we helped them overcome the following frustrations and gave them the opportunity to expand digitally.

  1. ⚪️ Faced challenges with integrating with third-party systems like Xero, which made it hard to access important data. As a result, we had difficulties in making strategic decisions.
  2. ⚪️ Relied too much on paid marketing without any SEO strategy.
  3. ⚪️ Sales were mainly single-line basket values due to the fact that we had difficulty increasing the basket value.
  4. ⚪️ Customer lifespan was non-existent with barely any repeat business
  5. ⚪️ Efficiency was hindered by manual processes.

Migrating to a flexible platform that didn't just offer scalability and growth, has allowed to take advantage of "out of the box" integrations which have not just helped them to lower costs and develop a cost-effective infrastructure but also resulted in the following improvements including a 84% increase in conversion rate.

(Migrated from Magento)

+68% in revenue

+84% in conversion rate

+75% in users

YOY Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021

“Working with Techquity has been a breath of fresh air and to be honest has left me kicking myself that I didn’t take the plunge earlier. They have provided us with a super quick and lean website designed 100% for eCommerce sites such as UKToolbox, that is intuitive to use. Just as importantly, the support after the go-live date and the first-class service on a day-to-day basis we now take advantage of, helps me to keep the site in great shape. I have recently committed to further development with SEO & social media projects now in place to further reduce our reliance on paid media, with the aim of growing our brand and customer base. ”

– Mark Baudains

Managing Director at

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