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Digital Transformation Demystified2 Minute Read

Digital transformation has become a phenomenon. A firm favourite with digital marketers and consultants, the concept has become part of their rhetoric and it seems that the popular buzz phrase is only going to gather more momentum in 2019.

What do we have to say about digital transformation? Well, firstly, don’t necessarily believe the hype. While it’s talked about endlessly, that’s largely because it’s misunderstood. Essentially digital transformation is about using technology across an entire business to streamline processes, enable staff to be more productive and ultimately enhance the user experience. It’s about going right back to basics and redesigning how you work and operate to deliver the outcome you actually need. What it’s not, is the implementation of a new platform, website or software solution. If, as a business, you’re not fundamentally changing your whole approach to leadership, management, attitudes or ways of working, then the project isn’t really transformative.

This is why too many businesses are confused or misguided. Why are they confused? Well, that’s primarily down to the hype surrounding digital transformation. No one wants to feel left behind or that they’re not as committed to an effective digital strategy as their counterparts. It’s easier for businesses to announce that they’re embracing digital transformation without really understanding what it is or if it’s what they need. Digital agencies and consultants have played a part too. They are equally as guilty in some cases of not truly understanding the concept, or worse still, pitching it to clients when it’s not necessary. What it comes down to is gauging whether or not your business needs to be digitally transformed or does the tech you use simply need to be more efficient?

If we’re asked to evaluate the need for digital transformation we look at the scope and purpose. Unless people and processes are the driver behind the work then we know that the business is actually in the market for new technology to improve efficiency or enhance the business model. This is very different to a transformation project. True digital transformation is actually rare as it’s a massive commitment by the business with significant capital expenditure involved, not just in terms of the technology solutions but in transforming the mindset of your people. At the heart of digital transformation is a cultural shift in the way your business works on every level. It’s a journey for everyone in the business and one that everyone must understand and embrace.

As tech consultants, we’re mindful of the advice we give to the businesses we work with. We’ll always be frank and open and our advice more often than not is don’t get swept along or distracted if you don’t need to. Transformation may not be what your business truly needs, it may just benefit from a strategic digital enhancement. The best place to start is with a conversation, so speak to us to discover what it is you’re looking for and let’s work together to determine what would really benefit your business.

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Matt Burton

27th February 2019