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Why we love Laravel and why you should love Laravel

There’s a reason Laravel is the fastest growing open source PHP Framework and why it’s our preferred tool to build contemporary web applications. Speed, security and support are just some of the reasons why it’s currently dominating the development world. That it’s agile and scalable for both simple sites and complex applications is testament to its visionary approach and why it’s also the perfect tool when considering a digital transformation project.

Essentially, Laravel is designed to support developers by simplifying and streamlining common tasks used in most web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. It was built using a Model View Controller Architecture, which provides pre built functionalities that developers can utilise to improve efficiency and has exceptional supporting documentation. The Laravel boilerplate gives you a headstart on basic coding elements, enabling you to focus on developing the specific and unique features of the application you’re building. Database migration is faster too without the worry of data loss. It’s this rapid and intuitive development capability that’s one of its biggest draws. Better still, the thousands of lines of Laravel code have all been rigorously audited, so you’ve got added peace of mind. It’s this level of quality assurance that enhances performance speed and reliability.

Security is equally as important as performance and development speed, and Laravel has this wrapped up too. Laravel itself is a secured framework and doesn’t allow any malware activities or security threats to enter within the web app. That means your web app development code is entirely safe and secure. It protects against the most dangerous threats such as SQL injection (its ORM utilises PDO to counteract the threat), cross site forgery and scripting. What’s more, the code is regularly audited to ensure continued safeguarding. This auditing invariably leads to updates and fixes, which means the tech is as current and efficient as possible. Also, due to its growing popularity it has an extensive user support community which is an invaluable resource for developers around the world.

Combine everything we’ve already talked about with automated unit testing to ensure it’s bug free and high performing; the ability to segregate logic and presentation code so that UX/UI designers don’t have to interact with developers; and smooth integration with mail systems and you can see why we love working with Laravel.

From the perspective of the client, there are lots of reasons to love Laravel too. You can be sure that your application is going to benchmark well against industry standards, as this PHP framework is designed to simplify and standardise the development process. This in turn results in a faster time to market, enabling you to push your application live sooner compared to other frameworks.

Most importantly, we believe the ownership of your web application should reside with you. However, depending upon the framework it’s been built upon, it may be difficult to truly own your intellectual property if there are limited options for maintaining it. In a nutshell, non open source frameworks are becoming less widely used, so there are fewer developers able to support or evolve applications built this way. Laravel on the other hand is open source and has ever growing popularity on its side. So, if your product or site is built using Laravel then you can be confident that there’s a vast development community to work with. You have greater freedom and choice for its future development, which is always a good thing.

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Richard Shipley

4th April 2019