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Why bespoke is often best3 Minute Read

The battle between bespoke solutions and off the shelf products

To find an ‘off the shelf’ software solution that meets all your needs in the here and now is rare. To find one that meets the exact requirements of your business currently and also evolves to meet your future needs is literally impossible. This is why tailor made solutions are often best. Bespoke applications or software is effectively written from the ground up and is literally custom made for your business, it’s built for your needs. Whether it’s a CMS, CRM, ecommerce platform or something else, bespoke software solutions offer greater flexibility and ultimately more value than a third party solution. In the majority of cases at least.

One of the biggest draws is eliminating the ‘off the shelf’ compromises you inevitably have to make with an ‘out of the box’ product. By developing your own unique solution you don’t pay for the components you don’t need and won’t use. Cost savings can be experienced as a result of the time saved using software that’s designed to work purely for you, to simplify your processes and reduce admin expenditure. Efficiency can be further improved as you can ensure the product is built around your current working methods. Repetitive tasks can be automated with a bespoke application, again enhancing productivity and streamlining processes. What’s more, it can be designed to evolve alongside the business so you build upon the initial investment rather than starting from scratch.

As bespoke solutions are designed specifically around your business workflow the complexity of the software is naturally minimised, which in turn improves functionality and usability. A custom built API can also resolve potential integration issues with older systems. Bespoke solutions reduce business disruption as the software architecture can be designed around the specific operational needs of your business. This in turn also significantly reduces the learning curve for all those working within the organisation.

Another tangible benefit is that purpose built software and applications are better for collecting and interpreting data intelligence. They also tend to be designed to adapt and are therefore more scalable.Bespoke solutions are better placed to enhance brand identities as they can be developed in line with the wider brand and marketing strategy, adding extra value in terms of awareness. One key downside to ‘off the shelf’ solutions is the lack of focus on mobile responsiveness. A bespoke product however, factors mobile issues fully into its design and will perform to the best possible standards.

Finally, there is a perception that while bespoke may mean best it can also be cost prohibitive. That’s not always the case. Yes, the initial outlay for a custom made solution may be considerable, but the investment will represent better value in the long term and will grow and evolve organically with your business. That it is bespoke and designed solely for you and your needs, there is an innate assurance that it will deliver all you need and more.

So, while an ‘off the shelf’ product may provide you with an overarching solution can it meet all your specific needs? If you’re looking to truly invest in your organisation, make it more efficient in the short and long term then you should explore the potential a bespoke application could bring to your business.

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Matt Burton

25th April 2019